Coat / Towel Racks - Large, Various Designs

Coat / Towel Racks - Large, Various Designs

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These handcrafted coat racks are made from wine staves with hardware as unique as the individual staves themselves.  Warm and elegant, any of these coat racks would make the perfect focal point for your entry way or room.  And as reminder that we use only recycled wine barrels from at our local vineyards, the backside of each piece still glows with the the red wine patina left by years of soaking in wine.  And yes, they can serve as really cool towel racks as well.

Each is design is unique and available designs are always changing.

Choose Design Below:

Hook & Horseshoe:  Four Black Iron Hooks with Horseshoe in center

Hook - Four Black Iron Hooks

Deer Stag:  Four White Deer Stag with Barrel Bung hole in middle

Iron Wheels:  Three sets of 2 black metal gear cogs (6 total)

Red Rooster:  Four Red Metal Roosters

All hardware to hang the piece is installed against any flat surface.  

Dimensions Vary, but approx:
Length: 37"
Width/Height: 4"


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