Vineyard Side Tables

Vineyard Side Tables


These gorgeous side tables are made entirely from reclaimed wine barrels.  The table tops are made from barrel heads, while wine staves serve as the legs and crossbars.  Each piece is unique, hand-finished, and glows with the natural beauty of wine-soaked oak.

We currently have two options in stock, both look amazing!  Option #1 is with the Barrel Maker's Brand and Option #2 is the No. 13 Design.  The branded option is crafted from a barrel last used at White Hall Vineyards and No. 13 come from Grace Estates, and the No. 13 represents the 13th of 20 barrels that contained the 2014 Petit Verdot.  Each is one-of-a-kind, so don't hesitate if you want one!

This item is available for purchase and pickup at our showroom or delivery to Albemarle County only.  Delivery fee of $49.95 charged at checkout.

Table Top Design:
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